Parks and Recreation

Edenville Township
Community Recreation Plan 


With 40% of the township covered by the AuSable State Forest, a river running the full length of the township, and 2 lakes in immediate proximity, Edenville has great potential for wonderful public recreation activities.  The primary barrier is a lack of developed public access to these resources. To that end, the Parks and Recreation Committee was chartered in 2010. Current members are Mary Beth Seasholtz (chair), Bob Johnson, Bill Page, Mary Herkner, Terry Hall. The first goal of this committee was to write The Edenville Township Five Year Recreation Plan. Approved by the Township Board in March of 2011, the plan states that two park planning priorities are enhancing public access to waterways and developing a network of trails.

The first project that the committee has undertaken is the “Charles and Ida Harper Memorial Park: Tittabawassee River Overlook Deck and Fishing Pier” which will be located on land donated by Alice Sias on Water Road. We see the Harper Park project as an initial step in a much larger vision of developing and enhancing access to local natural resources for residents and visitors around the Edenville community. A second edition of the Parks and Recreation plan is listed above, for 2022-2026 and includes improving the accessibility of our parks.

Rooker Crossing

Grandsen Park

Harper Park

Playground at Swanton Hall

The committee is always open to input from the public about future projects. Please see the township calendar for the monthly meetings of the Parks and Recreation Committee.



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Progress Landmarks

Midland Daily News Publication Jan 25, 2024 - Edenville Township awarded  grants to expand park system

Midland Daily News Publication Jan 3, 2012 - Edenville Township receives grant for deck, fishing pier on river

Midland Daily News Publication Oct 11, 2011 - Edenville Township receives deck and pier grant

Midland Daily News Publication Mar 5, 2012 - Edenville receives Watershed Initiative Network grant

Midland Daily News Publication Aug 22, 2012 - Edenville Township gets floating dock for freer river access

Midland Daily News Publication Aug 22, 2012 - Michigan Natural Resources Trust fund has provided $900 million for rec projects, land

Midland Daily News Publication Aug 25, 2012 - Our view: Natural Resources Trust Fund: A clear positive

Edenville Township was awarded a grant from the Michigan Baseball Foundation to repair the fence and backstop at Gransden Park Michigan Baseball Foundation awards more than $100,000 in grants

People from Michigan Baseball Foundation give check at baseball game.

Michigan Baseball Foundation presents $3875 check at Loons game in June 2013