Cemetery plots are available in the New Edenville Cemetery. A full plot (Rights of Burial) is 4 spaces, and is available, to Township land owners, for $400.00. A half plot (Rights of Burial) is 2 spaces, and is available for $200.00. If you're interested please call the office during business hours.

Contact the Cemetery Manager (Contact) about any burials or foundation and stone installation.

If you are a funeral home making burial arrangements please call Anedra Lewis 810-394-0226, Twp Clerk and Bobbie Crawford 989-948-5559, New Cemetery Manager.

Cemetery Fees - Rights of Burial

1 lot (4 Rights of Burial Sites)


Half Lot (2 Rights of Burial Sites)


Transfer of Rights of Burial



Burial Fees

Old Cemetery Opening/Closing Summer


Old Cemetery Opening/Closing Winter


New Cemetery Opening/Closing Summer


New Cemetery Opening/Closing Winter


Infants, year round


Cremains Burial, Summer


Cremains Burial, Winter



Foundations, per sq. in.

$ 0.45

Disinterment Fee Schedule on Request
Sunday rates are double the above stated rates