The Supervisor is one of the five members of the Edenville Township Board. The duties of the Supervisor and the Township Board are described at the web pages provided by the Michigan Township Association and particularly at Townships in Michigan.

The statutory duties of a Michigan Township Supervisor include the following responsibilities:

  1. Serves as the chairman for all Township Board meetings including special meetings and is also a voting member of the Township Board.
  2. Sets the agenda for monthly Township Board meetings and special meetings.
  3. Acts as the Township's legal agent and is the primary contact with legal counsel concerning Township matters.
  4. Is the lead negotiator for contracts with the Township.
  5. Proposes the annual Township Budget, or serves as the chief administrative officer for the development of the Township budget
  6. With the Boards approval, appoints members of all Township committees including the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Review, Parks and Recreation, and Lake Weed Control. Recommends Township representatives for the Water District #1 Board and the Code Authority Board.
  7. Is the secretary to the Board of Review, and is a voting member in hardship applications to the Board of Review.
  8. Oversees the Certified Township Assessor who is responsible for assessing property values within the Township at 50 percent of true cash value.
  9. Is the initial contact for ordinance issues.
  10. Appoints a deputy supervisor

You may contact the Supervisor as listed on the Contact Directory page or go to the Contact page.

Edenville Township has many opportunities for rewarding involvement. Would you like to join or support our Fire Department? Are you concerned about the weeds in the lake? Do you want to help plan the future growth of the Township. Would you like to help develop a new park or improve the existing one? Are you interested in the history of this area? Do you have a specific expertise or just want to make a difference in your community? If you would like to learn more about the various Township committees and how you might help, please contact me.

I am a proponent of the “Tiny House” Movement.  I encourage the public to send the township responses to how they feel about possibly changing our Zoning Ordinance in a tailored way to meet this growing industry.  Please review the below links and let me know your thoughts at