Edenville Township is located in north-central Midland County. The following graphic shows the township location within Midland County.

Townships in Midland County

Edenville Satellite map 1

The hub of Edenville Township government is located in the City of Edenville where a number of businesses are located as well as the Township Office and Swanton Memorial Hall.

Edenville Satellite map 2

The above Satellite image of Edenville Township is graphic in showing that Edenville is in the midst of state forest, farms, river life, and country.

Edenville Township borders on the north with Gladwin County with the border approximately 1 mile north of Curtis Rd. Curtis Rd. is the only road that crosses the entire township east to west because of the Tittabawassee River and Tittabawassee River State Forest that runs north to south through the Township. The Tittabawassee River/Sanford Lake and State Forest are two features of the township that attract many folks to enjoy the life that they bring; a host of natural wildlife, fishing, and beauty. The River/Lake also provides a haven for many beautiful homes and cottages that are located on each side from the northern border just south of Wixom Lake to the southern border where the lake passes on to Jerome Township. The east border of Edenville Township is M-30 where it borders with Hope Township. The west border of Edenville Township is M-18 where it borders with Warren Township.

There are numerous farms along the east and west sides of the township outside the areas of forest and river. All these attractions flow together to make Edenville Township a beautiful location for progressive living.